Pink cuteness in picturesque Alkmaar

Some obligations kept me in Alkmaar

Its not so bad to stay in this lovely Dutch town in summer, France can wait a few more days 😉


Time for a few shots of this cute pink  sequin dress from Lipsylondon & Alkmaar city center


The outfit is perfect for the beautiful summer evenings, like the ones we have now in Alkmaar

A city North West of the Netherlands


Walking along the dutch canals with the pink cute dress

Shooting pictures from the beautiful old city center and the dutch canals


Alkmaar is known for its cheese market on Friday mornings in summer

Many tourists around the world come to Alkmaar to see the market

Men in traditional white overals carry cheese like in the old days, when the Dutch canals were in use to move cheese

and other merchandises from one place to another


Today in summer many boats and yachts are sailing from one Ducth town to another

Many towns like Alkmaar are easy to reach via the Dutch canals

Tourists stay a couple of days and then sail away to their next destination


On the picture with beautiful ladies in one of the city centers restaurant


Walking back home feeling hapiness and peacefulness

What a great view,  what a beautiful summer evening in Alkmaar