Mu Labels

From the large crowded luxurious department stores to the smaller simplistic but orgininal boutiques

In one of the small streets of Paris near Lafayette and Printemps, you can find Mu Labels


For people who love fashion and wear original clothes, this shop in Paris should be on the list to visit

According to the lady in the shop, the collection of clothes is designed by young Korean designers


For each creation, the designers only made one or two items

This means that you wear really orginal clothes, if you buy fashion from Mu Labels


Clothes are sold only in one size

Depending on the fabric and design you would fit in it,

if you are an European Small or Medium size


 Me wearing Mu Label fashion ❤

The fabric of the clothes feels great


There are many beautiful creations, love the styles


Pieces of fine jewelery



Shopping at Mu Labels was very successful

I went home happy,

with beautiful pieces of fashion,

and the knowledge that I am the owner of original designed pieces of fashion