Taking good care of your skin

The basics of natural beauty is first to take care of your body

That is; doing your daily exercises to keep your body fit and firm,

eating healthy food that are vitamins for your skin, hair and nails


No matter if you are young or old, men or women,

don’t forget to keep your skin clean and moisterized day and night


I use products of Clinique to keep my face clean

Once in a while the scrub for my face

And on a daily basis the “Mild clarifying lotion” or

if I had used a foundation that day, the “Liquid facial soap mild”

After having cleaned your face,

use a product to keep your face moisturized

During the day, to protect you from the sun or other harming lights

use a product that has SPF 15, 20 or 25

At night when you go to sleep,

your creme does not need any SPF

When you keep your face clean and moisturized

you can enjoy a good skin very long