Office wear

What do you wear at the office?

I work in an environment where it is important to look professional. How you look like is more important than you think. People already have an opinion of you before they get to know you. A person that takes care of himself is more likely to take care of the business

The styles I like as office outfit are; trendy, chic, classy but feminine. A long time ago when I started to work, I used to wear suits. The color and fabric of both blazer and trousers were similar. So for years I actually dressed up like a male. I thought that it was the only way to look professional.

Along the way, I saw the possibilities of dressing up more trendy, chic and classy. And that it was not unprofessional to dress up feminine at all, as long as you keep it trendy, chic or classy.

Some advice for all of you out there: It does not matter in which environment you are working, important is that you always take care of yourself. You already have a big plus long before people get to know you.

Here’s an impression of what I am wearing at the office


I love dresses

If I have to wear trousers and a blazer the colors can (but don’t have to) match. The fabric will have to be different

If I have to wear blouses, it should be blouses that feels good on my skin and that don’t take hours for me to iron

At the office I try keep it simple with jewelry. I always wear heels


Where to buy it:

Blue dress & jacket – Ralph Lauren blue jacket | Blue dress from Ba&sh Paris | Heels from Stravers shoes Amsterdam

Blue trousers & jacket – Claudie Pierlot blue jacket | blue trousers from Mango | White blouse from Zara

Trousers & Shoes – Black stretch trousers from Mango | Black heels from GHIGO Italy