Shopping in Breda and Amsterdam!

Yesterday we went to shop in Breda and Amsterdam. We started in Breda but arrived too early! Shops in Holland usually are usually open on Mondays after 12.00 am. So we had some lunch and a stroll in the city center of Breda. Breda is a beautiful city close to the borders of Belgium (only 30 minutes driving from Antwerp). The city has a cute city centre that has (besides the big brands) also cute little boutiques. Foto 05-05-15 00 06 22

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Foto 05-05-15 00 04 41

The second part of the day we went north and spend time shopping in Amsterdam. On the 4th of May, the Dutch memorize the one that died during the war, called “Dodenherdenking”. A little ceremonie is yearly being held at the Dam, with the presence of the King and Queen. The Dutch are 1 minute silent at 8pm to give honor to the ones that died during the war.

We ended our day with a great dinner at one of the many restaurants in the city center of Amsterdam

Foto 04-05-15 18 30 37

Foto 05-05-15 00 03 48