Get your make-up dressoir organized

Always dreamt of having a beautiful white make-up dressoir, and voilà someone very generous gave it to me as a present. I arrived home one day and there it was, in my living room. Such a stunning surprise!

I gave the dressoir a more personal touch by placing some items on and around the dressoir. But not too much. The cotten light balls from Sissyboy, a wooden star but also a Chanel ribbon and a cotton white flower. Items that were given to me as gifts.

I love to keep my make-up dressoir clean and organised. There are some items I use daily, that are placed on the dressoir. The rest is placed in the dressoir. So that I have enough place to work and can keep it clean easy.

The precious make-up you buy deserve a clean place to be stored in.
When you keep your make-up organised and visible, you can find everything back when you need it. Moreover, if you organise your make-up well, it will stay clean & in good condition untill its empty.

Don’t you love it when your make-up is so well organised, it looks like you just got it from the store? Hope this blog inspires you to get your make-up organised. They deserve it!



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