We’re traveling to Taiwan! And we’re going to vlog about it. Travel with us by following this blog.

Friday 02 December 2016

I woke up at early morning with the notice that I might not fly today. The day before I found out that my passport with still 4 months of validity was not excepted in Taiwan. I called the Dutch marechaussee for an emergency passport and the Taiwanese Embassy for a Visa. The last one is needed if traveling with an emergency passport. They didn’t want to issue an emergency passport because I was too late for an urgent request and the reason for traveling was not urgent. The lady told me to try it because she knew in some occasions people were let into the country with an emergency passport without a Visa. 

So Friday morning we went to the Schiphol AirPort to get an emergency passport. I was lucky they made an exception of me and issue a passport for one year. Which gave me more chance to be permitted to fly. So I did, every time my passport was checked I knew this could be the last stop. I already had plan B in place, which was rebooking my ticket to Thailand or straight to the Philipines as these two countries only ask for a valid passport and return ticket. I can advise you by experience; check your travel documents as soon as you plan your travels!

Video log ON THE ROAD

Saturday 03 December 2016

We arrived in the late afternoon at Taipei AirPort. Dropped our luggages in the hotel and headed for the Raohe Street Night Market 😍

What a great experience, it was like we’re dreaming. All the impressions, noices, smell of various local dishes, food heaven! I am suprised by the quality of the food sold here. Everything we tried tasted so good, so fresh.

Video log ~ Raohe Street Night Market

Video log ~ Exploring Taiwan day 1