Beautiful food!

Again another good place to dine in the city centre of Alkmaar!

This week we visited this new Bar & Restaurant Fernando’s. Right where Saigon StreetFood was located, in walking distance of the world famous Cheese Market. Hope the two owners Mark & Fernando will be here to stay!

The menu is …. “a suprise”. A wonderful suprise, I even dare to say best dishes now available in the city centre of Alkmaar. 

Hope the two owners can keep up the high quality of the food.

We tried the three course “suprise menu”

Every dish was beautiful served and every bite was a unique experience. If the chef can keep up with this high standard food, and the host can keep the customers happy, this place could be the new place to be in town. 

I moved away from Alkmaar but this food is beautiful enough to do a de-tour for!👌🏻