King’s Day in Holland

Are you ready for this years King’s Day?!

Don’t forget to wear your orange celebration cloths on Saturday, April 27th and not on April 30th 😉 A mistake that some tourists are still making, because this was previously the old Queens day. Celebrations starts the evening before, on Friday 26th of April.

On Friday you can stroll around in the streets of almost every City in the Netherlands, to look for second hand cloths and products that people sell tax free in the streets. The selling continues the next day. There are also many big festivals to visit.

If you are interested in visiting a festival, you can have a look on the agenda of this website. Be aware that for some festivals you need to buy tickets

Website Agenda Kings Day 2019

King Willem and Queen Maxima will visit Amersfoort this year. A city in the centre of the Netherlands, close-by Utrecht city, with approximately 156.000 habitats. This means that the city will be at its best, to welcome the King and Queen in town. So besides to have a glimpse of the King and Queen, there will be many performances the city arranged to entertain the couple and the public.

Hope you enjoy King’s Eve and Day!