Out there in the woods

We have moved to another place to live!

Our new place called “home” is surrounded by lots of green, it’s magical! If you live in the woods, every day you wake up with the sound of cute little birds. When you open your curtains, you’re surrounded by all the green that grows in the garden.

We still need to do a lot to the place, but that’s the beauty about it. Its great to make this place our own little paradise. Every day we work on it a little bit. It’s great to work in the office the whole day and get back home again to work a little bit in the house or garden. We get so much joy from this!

The only thing that we still need is a good internet or mobile phone connection. But these are things we can work on 😉

Pictures of the new place called “home”

First few days

Current day

We made the walking path a bit bigger, cut a bit of green to create a bit of space. We are enjoying this view so much!