Unique items of clothes and shoes in your closet

I love to buy pieces of clothes and shoes that are unique. Meaning clothes items and shoes that I don’t have in my closet yet

In the past I often bought both shoes and clothes in black and dark blue, so every time I opened my closet I felt that I had nothing to wear. You would think then that it’s easy to get something from the closet to wear, but the opposite is true

A very very long time ago, Operah Winfrey taught in one of her shows how you can keep clarity in your closet. This by selecting all items with the same colors and hang it next to each other. This way you can see how many clothes you have of the same color. You will be surprised! And with no doubt will do your best to shop for other colors next time

Now when I go shopping, I keep in my head that I only have little space left in my closet to fill with beautiful unique items of clothes and shoes. So I may only buy  items that I really don’t have yet

The items I select are items that fits well to me, both to my body and me as a person (style). I don’t have the body of a model, so things that are beautiful on the model in the magazine will not necessary fit me. Use fashion magazines or post on blogs of styles and trends as inspiration. But don’t buy clothes that fits others well if it doesn’t fit you, only because it’s the trend or because someone else has it too.

The fabric needs to be of good quality, so that I can wear it for a longer time. And the fabric needs to feel good to my skin, so that I love to wear it

Besides the style and material I also look at the color. I have bought too many black and dark blue in the past, so I try to avoid these colors. However, once in a while I just can’t resist to buy something black or dark blue, if I per accident found something that is so lovely and unique .. then I just have to buy it. You can only spend your money once, so spend it well ladies and gents!