Comfortable & Trendy outfit

There are some days when the only thing you want to wear is .. something comfortable. Going out there on the streets or even to your job in a legging and a sweater is so not done (at least not in the environment where I work). Try to find something that is comfortable but still look trendy

Here is one of my comfy but trendy outfit!

One of my favorite vest is from Les Petites .. Paris, a French brand. Its a green & red colored, warm but really comfortable vest that I bought in shopping centre One Nation, near Paris.  I especially love this vest because it keeps me warm whenever I am cold. Sometimes it’s so cold, that even a blazer/jacket just can’t keep me warm. The only thing I then want is to wear the warmest sweater I have. However, in the environment I am working, this is impossible. So in these situations this vest is one of the items that I would wear with a comfy blouse under it

~I love to wear it with this trendy but comfortable black trousers from Weekday stores, a Swedish brand. The fabric feels great! The trousers are long. You can choose to lift them a little bit up if you want, just like in the pictures. The details of the trousers is good visible, when wearing an elegant white blouse. You can wear a red blouse too, as this is a perfect combination  with the vest



Where to buy it?

Warm and comfortable vest from Les Petites .. Paris | Black comfortable but trendy trousers from Weekday Stores | White elegant blouse from Zara