Time.. there is so little of it

If I would say there is too little time for too many things one can do in a lifetime, would you agree?

From the moment I graduated and started my first job, I became a workaholic. With my first job I was often the first to be in the office and the last to leave the office. I would rush and eat half an hour with dinner and would work until one in the morning to finish the job. Which of course never was finished. It was also work that got me addicted to coffee (my one and only addiction, besides work and shopping)


Every now and then I wake up and it gets clear to me that life is not only about work. I promise myself to spend more time to do all other things I love to do. Then some great project comes around and I am all into it again.

This is going on for so many years now. Every time I have doubts if I’m not work too much, I keep telling myself that I can’t quit any of these great projects and that this workload is just temporary. Recognizable to all of your workaholics out there? 😉

In the past year I’ve running my ass off like a crazy women. Going from one great project to another. At a certain moment when I was working 80 hours a week, I even had to hire a Personal Assistent to get some of the work done. Since two months, I have closed one of the three projects and I’m still left with two projects, which I spend more than 60 hours a week on.

Lately I’ve doubts of “my ability” to work so many hours. In my younger years it was easier. Although I really love my work, I also begin to realize that at this moment, my entire life is only about work again. And I am getting tired.

Today when someone in the office announced that he’s ill and only have little time to live, it finally hit me (again). There is much more in life than just work, life is going on and everything is happening around me while I was focused on working.

Time to make new plans and resolutions, and make sure that from now on, life is not just about work! Let’s work on that list.. something with New Zealand, Australia, South Africa..