The perfect Christmas sweater

This year, we are going to do something different with Christmas…

We will not touch the food. The food will always remain delicious and a lot so we can enjoy it very long. So what are we going to do thats different than all other years? We are all going to wear a Christmas sweater! You know, the ones in green, red or blue with something big that represents the Christmas feeling.

To find the perfect Christmas sweater we went to the beautiful stores of Rotterdam. Quess what? We found out that it was not such a crazy idea to wear a Christmas sweater. There are so many stores with Christmas sweaters in their collection, such as Urban Outfitters, H&M, but the most beautiful ones we found at Pull & Bear. They have a beautiful men and women sweater collection and yes, we succeeded! We will be warm and comfortable in our Christmas sweaters with Christmas.

If you are looking for a Christmas sweater and are not able to find one in the stores. Have a look online! There’s so much choice.

Christmas shopping in Rotterdam 😍 #rotterdam#christmasshopping#dutch#lifestyle#shoppahollic

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