Restaurant Fabers

An eye for detail & beautiful flavours

At arrival we noticed the big beautiful table that was set up for us in such perfect detail. A special menu card with the selected plates for the evening was even customized and printed out for us. Chic & fine cutlery, fresh flowers and the beautiful glazes we saw at our previous visit. What a view!

Fabers serves food that tastes as good as it looks like. There was no plate that did not meet up to our expectations. Recommending: The sausages we had as a starter was delicious firm and cut in fine slices. Where can you buy it?! The lobster soup or the Fabers Bisque de Homard was full of beautiful flavours. Not too salty as it is at most restaurants. The lobster was smaller than we hoped for but, it was delicious! The ones that had beef carpaccio and tournedos, made so many compliments about it that it made it to the list of “next to eat” 😉

A 10 plus for Fabers, for its restaurants styling as wel as the food, and the service! Worthwhile to visit, when you are in Alkmaar to see the Cheese Market.

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