New Zealand!

I finally reached the other side of Earth…New Zealand!

First impressions; New Zealand is like a big Natural Park with beautiful flowers, plants and trees. The food and coffee is excellent and the people are so friendly.

Since the food and coffee are so excellent here, I’ll write a blog on the daily dishes and coffee from now on, so you know what I mean 😉

The coffee in New Zealand is surprisingly excellent! Unlike other countries visited, in New Zealand I’ve not been to a place where the coffee was terrible.

The coffee in this picture is called a “Flat White”, its like a “Cappuccino” The coffee is strong, a nespresso with milk. I was advised by a “Kiwi” to drink this. A “Kiwi” is a person from New Zealand by the way. A “Flat White” is really nice early morning with breakfast. Everywhere I go people serve the “Flat White” so beautiful as in this picture. Love it! ❤