Fashion in la Basilique-Cathédrale de Saint-Denis

A unique chance to see fashion in a beautiful gothic work of art.

If you love fashion and architecture, and you happen to be in Paris, don’t forget to stop by at la Basilique-Cathédrale de Saint-Denis. Until 10th of June 2016, you’ll have the chance to see the exposition of the “Grand Royal Gowns” by Lamyne M. in the beautiful Basilique in Paris.

Basilique-Cathédrale de Saint-Denis is a beautiful piece of gothic art, worth a visit if you love architecture. Here’s why: The Basilique was a place visited by many pelgrims, Kings and Queens from the Fifth Century on. Many Kings and Queens choose this holy place as their last place to rest. Their remains are still present in the Basilique. In medieval this whole area around the Basilique was the place to be, it must have been very beautiful. Nowadays, the area in which the Basilique is situated is a place in Paris where there is a lot of poverty. Buildings around are not kept well and falling apart. The current residents seems not to be the type of people that would visit the Basilique. But Lamyne M is trying to get the Basilique more accessible for current local residents with this exposition.

Good to see that the people of Paris decided to spend money and clean up the outside of the beautiful Basilique. While we are visiting the Basilique they almost finished cleaning it. Although the building has not been completed totally (it misses a tower), the building is truly beautiful.

When you come inside the building, you feel the serenity. The beautiful light coming through the stained glass, lighting up the dark and all the beautiful gothic details in the elegant building. For the ones that have seen the movie Lord of the Rings, the same feeling you get when you first see Rivendell.

In this beautiful building, you can see the beautiful collection of Royal Gowns by Lamyne M. a designer born in 1977 in Cameroon. The artistic collection in this exposition of Royal Gown is inspired by Queens and Princess who’s remains are in the Basilique. Each piece is unique. Fabric, colors and prints are choosen carefully and commonly worn by current Saint-Denis residents. For example African wax, denim, jersey, and ceremonial cloths from North Africa. With this, the artist hopes to make it more attractive for current local residents to pay a visit to the beautiful Basilique. There is a story behind each of the beautiful unique gowns. Well done Lamyne M!




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