Todays details ~ Dior Sundown

Happy Easter!

Hope you had a good Easter weekend and enjoying todays extra Easter day off! I could get use this extra day off. Waking up late, drinking coffee and picking out the colours and details of the day in no hurry. Even have time to post a blog on this 😉

Todays colour is Dior Sundown 464, suits well with my tanned skin. Yes its still there, the tan I got from traveling in the beautiful New Zealand!

Dior Sundown 464 is a beautiful soft colour, Chic Pink. I especially love the round form of the nailpolish brush. It’s easier to do your own nails.

Todays matching details is gold. A black dress with golden details and golden watch.

Ready to go!


Bestand 28-03-16 11 47 26


Bestand 28-03-16 11 47 10


Bestand 28-03-16 11 46 40


Bestand 28-03-16 11 48 10

Bestand 28-03-16 11 46 25