From Broadway all the way to Carre Amsterdam…Pippin!

What a show! Beautiful voices, great dancers and acrobatics, spectacular performances and a story that probably relate to all of us.

When you’re young, you are wondering about what your role in world is. What or who you should become, and what would make you happy. Whatever it is, it must be something big. You have dreams and think that probably when you fulfill these dreams, you would feel the happiest person in the world. You are restless, wandering around. Try many things, fall down many times, get up and try something else. When some of us finally reach the goals, you might learn that sometimes things looks better from far than when you finally have it. All things come with a price.

At a certain stage, you learn to compromise, learn that the smallest thing can make you happy and that’s okay too.

The show contains todays subjects and lots of humor. If the crew comes your way, don’t miss it!