Coffee on top of Mount Ruapehu Mountain, New Zealand

Coffee..a drink that is loved all throughout the world.

A drink that is beautiful and when you look on the millions of post on Instagram, makes no distinction between men, female, race or religion.

Somewhere in the old days a young sheep shepherd found out coffee beans gives energy to his sheeps. Monks found a way to burn it in such a way to give that extra flavor so it is tasty for human beings. Since then, people drink coffee.

The smell of coffee is wonderful, even if you don’t like coffee you must like the smell of fresh coffee when you walk into a room where fresh coffee has just been brewed. It’s everything around drinking a cup of good coffee that can can make one happy. I don’t drink a lot of coffee, max is three on a day. But a day without coffee is a day when something is missing.

The Daily Dish is on Mount Ruapehu (New Zealand), where the highest restaurant is situated in New Zealand.

To go up, you make use of a ski lift. While going up, we see groups of hikers well packed to go up and stay for some nights, respect!

The restaurant has a perfect area inside, with a lot of glass where on a windy or rainy day you can stay warm and dry and look outside. The terrace outside the restaurant has an amazing view of the valley below.

While drinking an excellent cup of hot coffee, we enjoyed the perfect view of the whole area below us until the eye can reach. A moment of happiness.. what else does one need 😉

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