Restyling your house

Every now and then I feel inspired

Lately I feel inspired to restyle my house. I don’t know if its because of the weather outside the past few days. The weather in April is very unpredictable in Holland. It can be a beautiful sunny day in the morning when you wake up. By the time that you get out of the house, dressed like it’s summer it can rain cats and dogs or even snow!

I’ve been making some small changes in the house, which I will share with you in the coming period.

You don’t have to do a big project to restyle your house. Small projects now and then can make a big difference as well. You see big results as soon as you make the little adjustments. Giving one wall in your house a different paint colour or changing your carpet can make a big difference.

With this Blog, I’ll share you one of the last changes I made in my house. I’ve been looking for a carpet that is black and white, but every time I went to the stores to look for one, there was none that matches my taste. Until I went to have a look at the Sissy Boy store. Their home style is fantastic!

I immediately fell in LOVE with this dark blue printed carpet. The prints are not too strong but not too light either. Strong colours can be too much if you have to look at it every day. Light colours on the other hand can give a feeling that it has been washed too many times and the colours fade just away.

Just by changing one item can already make a difference in your house. I’m very happy with this small adjustment.

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