Thousands of beautiful flowers

Holland is beautiful in April

The Dutch flowerfields are one of the most beautiful spots that I love this time of year. Unfortunate the flowers only come up in the month April. But when the flowers are there, I visit them as much as possible. Thousands of flowers everywhere, like you’re in heaven! Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow, too many colours to write here in this blog. Here is some information if you plan to head this way and the pictures I’ve made lately.

The flowerfields are in the Northern area of the Netherlands, called Noord-Holland. If you are located in Amsterdam (our capital) it takes 30 minutes by train or car to reach the Cheese city called Alkmaar. From Alkmaar you already will have beautiful big flower fields to visit. You can decide to stay in Alkmaar to visit the Cheese market on Fridays at 10am (April – September) or go more to the Northern villages and stay at the sea while renting a bike and visit the fields there.

The flower fields are free to visit, as long as you don’t pick the flowers or step on them. Because they are owned by the famers in the neighborhood.

Weather conditions:
The weather in April is very unpredictable. When you wake up in the morning  it can be warm and sunny. A minute later if the wind from the North blows in the wrong direction it can be cloudy, raining, snow or even hail. Make sure you take your coat and umbrella. It can be very cold.

Best time to visit:
Mid April is the safest time to be here. If it has been very cold in Februari and March the flowers will come up late in April. If the weather has been very warm in Februari and March the flowers will come early April. So mid April will be the best time to plan your visit to the Dutch flower fields.










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