Brasserie Pierre Rotterdam

Lovely affordable food at Brasserie Pierre, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

If you are planning to visit Rotterdam, and you’re looking for a good place to eat, try Brasserie Pierre. The Brasserie is located in the city center, at 4 minutes walking distance from the famous Markthal.

Love this place, full of light because of the big windows. Beautiful interior, especially love the eye catchers; french grey marmer bistro tables and the black and white tales on the floor. The only thing is that the tables are too little for all the food. They should have made them a bit bigger.

You can either sit outside or have your dinner in the Brasserie. One of the friendly waitresses at this place guides you to a table as soon as you step into the Brasserie.

The food is good and affordable. There is a menu card from which you can choose. There is also an option whereby you can choose from a range of small french dishes for only 24,50.

Here are some pictures from our visit to Brasserie Pierre Rotterdam. We will definitely return to this beautiful place.

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