I need Vitamine D ~ sun where are you?

Are you getting enough vitamines?

I love pure healthy food, full of vitamines. With fresh & pure ingredients, you don’t need to add any artificial flavours like saus. Of course unhealthy food like a burger or fries can be nice, but you always get that full and nasty feeling afterwards.

Especially love the fruits, delicious sweet and full of vitamines. There is no must in eating the fruits on these pictures.

With all this pure food you must think you’re on the right track. However, many Dutch have a short of Vitamine D. Even me! I was shocked when I heard I have almost half of the vitamine D that I should have.

You get Vitamine D from the sun. We hardly see sun in Holland. You also get Vitamine D from salmon, makrel, butter, milk, egg. So to cover the sun we hardly have seen this summer, we should eat more of vitamine D containing food.

When you don’t have enough vitamine D, you will get weak bones (osteoporose), weak musscles, you feel tired abd can get depressed. So be careful all you people who spend your days in front of the PC’s, make sure you get out there in the light as much as possible and eat enough vitamines!

Take your luchbreak out there in the sun

Vitamine D in salmon

Vitamine D in butter

Be out there as much as possible. You’re already in your offices and in your bed at least 80 hours a week.