Hot in here

It’s like someone out there heard me calling out for some sun. It’s beautiful but sticky hot today.

I had no idea that it was this hot. When I got out of the office today it was like I went into an oven. It felt like getting out of the hotel into the heat of Saigon in summer. But let’s not moan about the sticky part, I’m enjoing these few moments we have in the Netherlands.

The daily dish is at Brasserie Dudok in Rotterdam city centre, where I head to right after work. The place is at the Meent, I think the best place to hang around these days. Full of beautiful buildings and great places to eat.

Since it’s so hot today there were plenty of tables available. I almost had the whole place and private staff just for myself.
The place has a lot of character, high ceiling, lots of light and also a table in the middle with plenty of magazines for individuals who come there to eat alone.

The staff was not very busy today so I had the food within 15 minutes. The drinks were served fast too.

I ordered something from the lunch menu. Dutch mosselen with fries and a fresh salad. Love the salad very much. It was fresh and with lots of lovely ingredients like olives. In some restaurants I feel that these side salads are just for decoration and not very tasty. This salad and dressing was perfect, just like the handmade fries. The mosselen was not something to write about. But maybe a little bit about it. The taste was fine but there was a mix of small dry orange coloured ones and some bigger yellow tasty ones. Like a mix of leftovers and fresh ones. But I could be wrong. It could well be that the harvest this year of mosselen is not very good. And this Brasserie is just cooking what is delivered. Altogether, great place to hang around. Good affordable food and service.