Shopping in Amstelveen

This Saturday I went shopping with the girls in Amstelveen, a city near Amsterdam.

Why Amstelveen? This city is located next to the big and busy city of Amsterdam. Amstelveen is a wanted location for a lot of the working people, because it’s next to Amsterdam but it’s also on the road to Utrecht and the rest of the country. There are beautiful big houses in Amstelveen, so you have more space, live in a quieter environment and it’s a very good place to go shopping as well.

One of my favourite shops are located here “Massimo Dutti”, “Leonidas”, Riviera Maison” en “Nespresso”, but there is also the wonderful Bijenkorf (the Lafayette of the Netherlands) with many beautiful brands! One of the new shops I visited during shopping in Amstelveen is Kiko. I heard about this make up line Kiko, with pretty good quality make-up is pretty for a very affordable price. I’ll write another blog on it soon, after I tried out the make-up! There are many more shops that I would wanted to visit, but since we only went there to shop for a few hours, and the few hours were spending mostly in the Bijenkorf as usual, I wasn’t able to visit all the shops.

It was indeed “Unexpected Shopping”, as the results of that day shopping in Amstelveen was great. I went home with 4 full bags of fashion for this Autumn and Winter. Cold, I am ready for you!

  • Amstelveen as a shopping city: Yes, many beautiful shops to fill a day
  • Location: Next to Amsterdam
  • Parking places: Plenty
  • Public transport: Good
  • Toilet facilities: Yes
  • Shops: variation of affordable and expensive brands, from food to non-food
  • Dining places: Enough places to get a break and get some energy to do more shopping