Stepping into a fairytale

Weekend! If you haven’t got plans yet for this weekend and you have the possibility to do so, visit Gent in Belgium!

Last week we went to Gent for a weekend, a city that was recommended by many people to us. We did some research online before the visit and were looking forward to see the beautiful historical buildings.

We stayed in the romantic 1898 The Post Hotel, which is right in the middle of the old city center. Staying in this amazing building is like stepping into in a fairytale and feeling the past in the old robust walls and the beautiful small historic decoration everywhere in the hotel. Our view was to the towers of the church of Gent. We enjoyed our stay even more because of the good service.

The people of Gent are very friendly and polite. Even the tourists in Gent are acting different then when you meet them in Paris, London, Rome or Amsterdam. Everyone seems more relaxed. Strolling around and enjoying the beautiful view, which is the entire old city centre.

Gent is even more beautiful than I thought. The city centre, which we visited is full of beautiful historical buildings. Lovely waters and not to forget great characteristic shops!

In the past people of Gent earned a lot of money, amongst others by producing beer. Many beautiful historical buildings and big churches have been maintained from that time and are there now for us visitors to enjoy. Walking around Gent is a must to view this amazing city. But the boat tour with guide gave us a good idea of the most important highlights of buildings and stories on a humoristic way.

Dining and shopping? There are more than 700 places to eat in Gent and I don’t know how many shops there are but enough to do a day of shopping. Love the variety of characteristic shops which is lacking in Antwerp or Amsterdam. There are standard brands which you see everywhere, like H&M and Zara but there were more characteristic shops that we visited. All in all a great place to spend a weekend!