iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro is out and the word on the street is that the picture quality is much better than the iPhone X. There are three camera’s on the back of the iPhone and the phone comes with a higher processor which means that its faster than the iPhone X. I tested it out in the store and decided it’s time to purchase a new iPhone.

I have used the iPhone X for two years now, loved it very much and did not want to trade it in for another iPhone. There is only one reason why I wanted to have the iPhone 11 Pro.

When you go the the Apple store, Sales would inform you that the processor is higher which means that there is more speed. I believe that it’s true but for a user like me who is more into the quality of the pictures, I don’t see the difference in phone speed.

Here is my review on the iPhone 11 Pro and main reason why I wanted to have this iPhone.

The pictures of the iPhone 11 Pro are a bit sharper than the iPhone X. But then I had to look twice to see the difference. There are three camera’s at the back of the iPhone with focus 0,5x (wide angle), 1x (standard) and 2x (zoom in). With focus 0,5x you can capture a small area much better. This is good when you are in a narrow street or room and you want to capture as much as possible of it. Whatever focus position you choose, its all sharp.

The main reason I bought the new iPhone is because of the picture quality in areas with less light. I already loved the quality of the iPhone X and with enough light the pictures made with iPhone X are perfect. But when it comes to capturing food in a restaurant or when it’s evening and there is less light, I almost never succeeded with capturing good pictures. I love to capture beautiful dishes that are inspiring for myself so I can try to make the dish at home or to inspire others by writing a blog about it. But usually I only capture pictures during lunch time when the light is still good. Now I can also capture pictures later on in the evenings too! In the coming period, you’ll see a lot of pictures made by iPhone 11 Pro!

Selfie made with iPhone 11 Pro

Distances and quality made with iPhone 11 Pro

Focus 0,5 (wide angle)

Focus 1x (standard)

Focus 2x (zoom in)