Getting more colour in the dark coming days

The sun is gone and soon, like most people in the Netherlands I will get a pale face. To keep a bit of colour in these dark days, on all kinds of apps you can choose a warm filter. That’s so cool, but since I also have to show myself in real life, I need real colour in my face too. So I decided to get some new fresh products. I love the red lipstick from Chanel, so I thought let’s try out their facial make-up.

I recent went to the Bijenkorf (shopping mall) in Utrecht to get some advice for skin products. I asked the make up artist from the Bijenkorf to make me up with liquid make-up. So she gathered some flacons of make-up and tested them on my face. Make-up that covers every freckle and make-up that only gives you a glow. Why liquid make-up? I used to buy compact powder as make-up for my face, because I don’t like to have a sticky face. Liquid make-up made me feel like wearing a a masque but it always stayed on my face. And compact power falls off from my face at / before the end of the day, but it feels more natural. Nowadays compact powder accentuates my wrinkles more, so I need to switch over to fluid make up.

These are the products that I’m now using “Ultra Le Teint Velvet”, the Chanel make-up brush and “Le Lift V-Flash”, which the make-up artist gave me to use as a moisturised layer on my face. After this product, she made me up with a liquid make up which gave me a bit more colour but not fully covered my whole face. She advised me to use another coloured powder to accentuate certain areas in my face because the shadows in the face falls away if you only use one colour make up.

With this make-up I don’t feel like I have a sticky face, it depends on the brand, product and how much you put on your face I guess. I can use a lot on my face to cover everything or just a little bit to get some more colour in my face.