Taking baby steps in cooking

When I am in the kitchen, I always remember my mothers words when I was still a kid. I think I was seven when I first heard her saying “You can’t cook and clean, you’ll end up nowhere”. Like I need to be able to clean and cook to survive in this world (lol). She took her words back years ago when she noticed that I could survive by working and go out eating ;-). Then she said wisely “Everyone has their own quality, yours is just not with cooking but its ok”. I never enjoyed preparing food, unlike my sister and mum who are master in the kitchen. Even my brother can cook better then me. Unbelievable dishes they can make, heavenly beautiful food. It’s a party every time I’m invited over for dinner.

Once my little cousin at age 6 stayed over for a weekend, I baked him an egg. Spoiled by my sisters’ cooking talent, he looked horrified and told me he would bake one egg for me. I gave him the ingredients and a chair so he could cook. The egg he baked was perfect.. so since then, every time he’s at my place, he bakes the eggs.

Now I’m older I have more patience to prepare food and I love to put something beautiful on the table, so it’s a start, I’m taking baby steps.