Escaping from the daily routine

Escaping from the daily routine just a few hours driving from Holland

A few weeks ago we went for a road trip to the Eifel area in Germany. The landscape in this region is magnificent, lots of green valleys, vineyards and little villages. A blog on the vineyard in this area will be posted soon! Our final destination was Cochem, a beautiful little town, next to the Moselle river in Germany.

Along the way on our road trip through this beautiful area, we see little groups of people cycling or on the motor cycle enjoying the romantic scenery. When arriving in Cochem we were amazed by the perfect postcard view. Beautiful coloured kept traditional German houses next to the romantic Moselle river, and the famous old castle on top of the hill. It must be the view that makes people feel calm, the atmosphere was very relaxed, not like in many touristic places where people are in a rush to get in front of the line.

The weather was great, so we could walk through the village and take lots of photos. We even took the time to have lunch in the old Burg hotel restaurant, which has a terras on the first floor overlooking the Moselle river. One of the best place to have your lunch or a drink. The view on the street and river life is perfect. And the food served in this restaurant as well. We took the Chateaubriand, served with vegetables. I don’t eat meat a lot but this meat was perfect. We can recommend this restaurant for its perfect view and the Chateaubriand dish. If you decide to stay in Cochem you should book in advanced, not on the day itself. The Burg hotel restaurant where we stayed has hotel rooms but also an accommodation 5 minutes walking from the hotel. The room we stayed in is old but clean, the view of the Moselle river from the bedroom is a big plus. Here are some pictures of our trip. If you have questions, please let me know.