Wine yards

There is something about wine yards, they give such a romantic scenery. Have you ever walked or ride in an area with this view? So beautiful..

The first wine yards I visited during a wine tasting trip was in New Zeeland, back in 2016. It was there that I learned to appreciate wine.

It was a wonderful experience on a beautiful sunny day in Napier, New Zeeland. I was there with a Dutch friend Annika whom I met during the trip in New Zeeland. She loves wine, and I love to experience new things, so we signed in for a daytrip to taste wine on the wine yards in Napels.

With this trip, I learned to taste wine and learned that wine can be so delicious, the smell the taste when you take a nip of it, the feel you get in between the nip of wine and the taste of it after. It’s beautiful… You just need to drink good wine. Unfortunately I am part of that percentage of the Asians that can’t drink too much wine, so I bought some bottles of beautiful wine with me for my father back home.

If you get a chance to visit a wine yards and learn about wine, just do it! You will love it. I might go for a weekend soon, somewhere in Europe!