Little Vietnam in the Netherlands

This week I had the chance to go to Rotterdam for a meeting, and visit one of my favourite restaurant in Rotterdam “LittleV”.

LittleV serves beautiful Vietnamese food. It’s so good I just can’t get enough of it. The styling of the restaurant and staff outfits all adds up in the great experience when you go out eating at LittleV. Fresh food, if you want to serve them in your restaurant needs to be really fresh, otherwise just don’t serve it. Clean fresh herbs, crispy fresh salads, fresh spring rolls whereby the “banh trang” (pancake) needs to have a soft bite and the vegetables needs to be fresh and crispy. The times that I have visited LittleV, I have always got fresh food.

Prices are very affordable for a meal at LittleV. I don’t mind to pay more for food if LittleV decides to lift up prices, as long as they keep serving fresh food. The place is always fully booked, so if you wan’t to eat at LittleV you can stop by and if you’re lucky they still have tables left. If you must eat out there, don’t forget to book.

My favourites are the crispy fresh salads they serve there, the noodle soups, the bo la lot and the banh xeo. Here are some pictures of the food.

Lunch box

Banh xeo with shrimps

Bo la lot

Fresh Goi du du salad

Beautiful cocktails

The experience

Happy face surrounded with beautiful food