Jazz & Sail 2019

A week from now on Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 of September Bergen and Bergen aan Zee will have it’s yearly swinging summer music festival.

The atmosphere changes whenever there is good music, good relaxed vibes. It’s a big event but because it’s in two small towns, whereby lots of small bands are performing it has a cosy feeling. Not only Jazz but a bit of everything. The events starts on Friday and Saturday in Bergen and ends on Sunday in Bergen aan Zee. A program of bands, locations in town and the dates they are performing can be found on this website: https://www.jazzbergen.nl

Even tough the event is free, this year it’s a special one, because this event have reached it’s 40th year now. A special performance will take place in the famous “Ruïne Kerk” (old church) in the of the town with a special guest (Dutch artist Ellen ten Damme). It’s on Saturday at 19.00 and for this performance you need a ticket.

If you love music, especially live music in a little characteristic Dutch town, this is the event to visit!

Here are some pictures and video’s from one of the years we attended the event: