Vitamine C

Hi Everyone!

It’s Saturday 15 March 2020 7.37 am. We are home in our little cabin in the wood, outside the birds are singing so beautiful.

The last few days are unreal. You see the virus is spreading in the world, people are asking you to take precautions and other people are saying it’s nothing, the media just wants us to worry.


  • The number of people who get the virus are rising everywhere.
  • People die every day because of the virus. The majority are old or weaker people, this could be our grandparents, our parents or someone else who we love who may get the virus if we are all keep spreading it.
  • People who have it bad needs to go to hospital, where they can not be cured but where they are taken care of with breathing problems.
  • The hospitals in our hometowns do not have enough beds to take care of everyone. Like in Italy they have to make choices who can stay in hospital and who not

Advice from people (doctors, people living in Italy) I gathered. Do whatever you want with it:

  1. Clean you hands when you enter your house or if you really need to be in someone else’s house.
  2. Take off your shoes before you get into a house.
  3. If you needed to be somewhere where you were with many other people, put your cloths you worn in the washing machine when you are home.
  4. Stay home as much as possible, keep you distance to people when you get out. This way it keeps the virus from spreading.
  5. Buy vitamine C/lemon/orange/kiwi and drink this every day with warm water. This seems the only thing to help (there is no cure yet).

Be save and keep others around you save!