Day one working from home in Holland

Day 1 Work from Home in Holland

It’s Monday 16 March 2020 First day working from home. It’s the company’s way to contribute in getting current rising COVID-19 infection numbers to go down. If everyone is contributing (there where it’s possible), hospitals will not get overloaded and have to refuse people who really need it.

I am one of the lucky people who can work from home and I am blessed to be able to go outside, stretch my legs and have a walk in the garden. For this reason I decided to contribute to society by staying home for at least two weeks, avoiding physical social contact as much as possible. I also do it because I really don’t like to be out there with people acting strange now. Everybody is trying to look cool but nobody can hide the little panic that they have inside. Even the people who are laughing and judging everyone else who looks more panic then they are, especially in the supermarket. It’s a weird situation and people can behave weird in these situations.

So, the coming two weeks I’ll be posting from home. Not too worry, there are many things to explore in the garden right now. Spring has started early this year, all the green baby plants and flowers are coming out. It’s magical..