Blog update – work from home July 2020

Hey you! What are you up to?

We are now halfway through 2020, what a strange year right?

I am now slowly getting used to “this new life”, hope you do too. For years we were used to go our way and now we suddenly have to adapt with the new rules so we don’t infect the weakest amongst us, or at least as little as possible. Some think these rules are nonsense, an attack on our human rights.  Are these self-centred people?  I don’t know the answer, everyone need to have their own opinion about it but I do think these people should respect the opinion of other people too. This means respecting the hygiene rules of each country and keep distance to people, who like to keep distance.  I would like to believe that the specialists know what they are advising and that these rules help us all (including the weak).

With all the negative, I also think that positive developments have taken place. How nice to see entrepreneurs have adapted and adjusted their own companies to the circumstances so fast. In addition, it seems like the new rules benefit us in may areas, less traffic, less irritation and stress, better atmosphere to life and work in. Perhaps sometimes nature asks our humans to take a step back so it can recover.

Personally, the opportunity to work from home in the past months have been fantastic for me. The travel time was the first positive change for me, when I had to stay home in March this year. However, there were ups-and-downs because like for many others, my rhythm was totally disrupted. I was used to this dynamic life and with the changes, I had to slow down my speed which was harder than I expected. It took me some time to adapt but now I feel that I can enjoy everything more than before. The past month gave me the opportunity to take the time to really see and do things and I am very thankful for that. This week I started to work in the office again, it was wonderful to be back. There were not so many people in the office because the company’s policy is to have the minimum people in the office, so every week another colleague is presenting our team in the office. Working one week per month in the office is a wonderful solution. If this is the new way of working then I am for it! No Mindfulness course can beat against this.

Besides no travel time, one of the benefits for working home are the “home office outfits” One of my favourite are the nice comfortable cashmere house pants 🙂

Comfy home office outfit
Mask obligatory in the office
Home office view ~ flower field ~ nature at its best