The perfect eyeliner – part 2

Help Estee Lauder, I have run out of the perfect eyeliner!

For years I have used the “Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner” from Estee Lauder. I was so happy about it, but I have run out of it start of 2020 and I can’t get it anywhere anymore.

In 2016 I even dedicated a blog about it to share this lovely eyeliner to you, the ones that were searching for the perfect eyeliner. For me it was something that I really couldn’t live without it anymore and I hoped that many who were searching could think it would be useful for them too.

For me, many eyeliner solutions don’t work because they just don’t stay and end of hurting my eyes after a few hours because they smudge. Even eyeliner tattoos, although they hurt I’ve tried it for five times now but they don’t stay. So I decided to stop doing it 😉

At the beginning of this year, I found out that this product, that became part of my live was out of stock everywhere. So I thought perhaps it was due to Corona and that they were just out of stock in stores and online. The sales representatives in stores I went to, told me that they didn’t know when or if this product will be back in stock. On every website I visited, even the one of Estee it simply currently says “out of stock” and “keep me informed”.

I hope Estee Lauder (if decided to to stop producing this solution) could consider to continue to produce this eyeliner and not change its combination. I love this eyeliner and I believe lots of others with me.

Dear Estee Lauder, this eye pencil is just not it for me. Perhaps its good for many others but for me, it doesn’t stay 😦