Online grocery shopping

Corona brought “doing groceries” to another level

Yes, it is true! We got ourselves a “groceries delivery service” subscription for a year.

Now we really fit in with the rest of the old people living in this neighbourhood. Our groceries are being delivered in a box at our front door. No more trouble of finding time to do groceries or searching for a parking place. The thought of not having to carry heavy bags and avoid people who don’t respect the 1,5-distance rule makes me very happy. I don’t say I will never step into a supermarket, but it’s good to know it’s a matter of choice.

So now there is more time to spend to other things that you love. Some things you still might want to see or feel in a physical store, like a flower or garden centre.

For the ones that are interested, here is some advice on online grocery shopping:

How does it work?

There are some grocery delivery services in this neighbourhood. You can order online at a certain amount for free and some services charge you an amount. However, supermarkets only have a delivery date planning of two or three weeks upfront. This means when you want to order online and there are no delivery dates available in the coming two or three weeks, you have to go to the supermarkets yourself again right?

If you look now online, there are many delivery dates and times available, but I can still remember a period when there was no availability at all. With a subscription, you don’t have to leave it to luck, you get to choose a fixed day and time in the week that your groceries will be brought for sure. When you cancel one week, please make sure that you understand this cancellation might not be undone. If you do want to have your groceries in the week you cancelled, you could look online like other people who don’t have a subscription, to see if there are still available delivery dates in that week. Goodluck and keep save!