Dressed to impress for autumn

Autumn weather in the Netherlands means lots of long cloudy rainy days. As the weather is getting chilly, we say goodbye to our summer outfits and say hi to our autumn outfits.

I used to wear very bold outfits in the far past. Lots of hats, scarfs and very large colorful earrings. One of my teachers used to call my earrings tv satellites. The large colorful earrings, I have grown over but the scarfs and hats I still love. They come very handy in summer but also on rainy chilly days.

Autumn is all about layers, clouds may follow up with sun. A jacket or vest always come handy.

Some pictures for inspiration:

One of my favorite autumn outfits
One of my favorite chic autumn outfits
Finish with a scarf that fits your mood
Don’t be afraid to dress bold
But don’t forget it’s autumn, wear layers
Love all seasons of the year, even autumn