Game on!

I used to love playing board and card games, back in the days with my brothers and sisters. We couldn’t stop playing Dutch board games; mens erger je niet, ganzenbord, rummikub, several card games, dammen (checkers) and schaken (chess).

Years have passed since I’ve touched a game. Since the last lockdown started in the Netherlands, back in December 2020, we have been enjoying playing games a lot again. Monopoly was already in our possession, but lately we enjoy playing “Skip-bo” (card game) and “Mexican train” (domino game) we now play it daily.

A few years ago I saw a documentary about the Dutch playing many board and card games in their childhood. This allows them to think more strategically when they are adults. I do think that playing board game and card games may improve your strategic thinking skills, counting skills as well as improve your memory and your ability to react quicker. Not to forget, games can be played at all ages.

Mexican train, played with domino tiles

Skip-bo played with cards
We often turn on the fireplace at night and play one of these games. Our favorites nowadays are Skip-bo and Mexican train