Maastricht, city of the South

One of the Dutch cities I enjoy to visit is the beautiful Maastricht.

A visit to Maastricht is like a mini holiday in another country. Maastricht city is at the far South of the Netherlands near the border of Belgium and Germany. The Netherlands is flat but Limburg (the province in which Maastricht is located) has a beautiful high and low landscape.

The city of Maastricht is built next to the big river Maas. The river was back then a very important trade route. The remains of the wealth from the past are nowadays visible in the beautiful and well-kept buildings (houses, official buildings, and many churches). 

The city is worth spending time on, for a day trip or even a weekend. Love the shops and great places to eat out. It’s wonderful to stroll around in Maastricht, looking to the beautiful buildings inside and outside, the city is like a big museum.

Here are some impressions from last visit to Maastricht.

Vrijthof: The big square, surrounded with beautiful well-kept buildings and terraces.

Buildings that you can visit

Love these big doors

You can spend many hours watching the beautiful buildings

Cute streets of Maastricht

When you think you are ready, on the other side of the Maas, across the bridge there is a whole other part of Maastricht. Many cosy streets with shops and restaurants like Rechtstraat.

Beautiful amuses

Great dinner experiences

You can even visit a hidden cocktail bar..