Growing your own organic vegetables

This years’ summer in the Netherlands was the best summer ever! 

I can’t remember we had so many beautiful days in one summer. Some rainy days now and then, which was even a great relief for all of us.

Sunrise early morning in the Dutch countryside

The sunny days in the Netherlands were just perfect for our vegetable garden. A year ago, we moved to a new place, where we finally had our big garden to grow our own vegetables. A dream coming true!

From March-April we’re not so sure if we were able to manage growing our own vegetables. We started with red radish which could finally be harvest end of April, start of May. Then end of May, beginning of June we started to harvest green beans, lettuce, green onions, several herbs and even Vietnamese rau cải ngọt (choisam) which is used a lot in the Vietnamese kitchen. This is beautiful when you stir-fry it with slices of beef.

In July we could harvest zucchini, pumpkin, carrot, rettich, kohlrabi, beetroot, spinach and cucumber. 

We are now at the end of a period to harvest one of our last vegetables, tomatoes, and corn! The corn has a great soft and sweet bite.

The only remaining vegetables that we were not able to harvest yet are the eggplant, sweet potatoes, water spinach, melon and peanuts. 

We are sure that we can harvest them before the cold is there. And even if we are not able to harvest them this year, we are very satisfied with what has been achieved. We can say that it was a great success! 

Try it out yourselves, eating your own grown organic vegetables is heavenly. In addition, from experience I can say that it really gives a lot of pleasure to take care of your vegetable garden. Being outside, giving the vegetables water and keeping the place tidy for them to grow in.